Steven Hicks Idea on Good Investments

Steven Hicks is the sole founder of Southridge Capital which he founded in the year 1996 and has since then retained the position of the company’s Chief Executive Officer. He is tasked with the responsibility to manage and execute business development plans and ideas. He has broad knowledge and experience in the investment industry for more than thirty years and has through that time learned and perfected his skills in investment banking, derivatives, financial structuring and derivatives. His educational background has also massively contributed to his success as a leader in his hedge fund. Stephen Hicks has a Bachelor in Business Administration from The King’s College based in New York and his Masters in Business Administration at Fordham University also in New York City. He basically went through school in the same City.

Steven Hicks was later employed in a hedge fund where he practically learned about being an investor and perfecting his trade which gave him the confidence to start Southridge Capital. The idea was prompted after his boss decided to move back to Australia. He then requested him to allow him to continue working for him as he heads his own firm. That is where his journey as a business owner begun.

Steven Hicks has self-discipline and is organized. For him to make profits and keep his Southridge Capital running, he wakes up and reviews the portfolio thus making a to-do list that guides him and his stuff throughout the day. In between his schedules, he makes sure that he is on the forefront in looking for opportunities and countercheck whether his investments are on track. He makes sure that he executes his responsibilities with diligence thus keeping the company on its feet and running. The dedication of time for new and upcoming investments has brought to life many workable and profitable business ideas into reality thus proving that he is interested in growing and grooming small businesses.

From His experience, Stephen Hicks has learned to be on top of his plans. He has learned to invest good money into good businesses and has shifted his focus on the money other than the returns. This specific lesson he learned through investing too much on Petals company which terribly failed thus losing a lot of money and put Southridge Capital in a bad financial position. Good money, bad investment. You can visit their facebook page.




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