Sujit Choudhry: Center for Constitutional Transitions’ Founder

The Center for Constitutional Transitions is among the best firms that offer knowledge and support of issues that surround constitutional construction. Its director, Sujit Choudhry, is a notable figure on issues of law, politics, and the constitution, see also ( As part of his campaign, Choudhry has traveled to more than 30 countries to address people on the related topics.

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He has also advised several countries such as Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine among others on matters that surround their constitutions. Choudhry has the ability to apply his knowledge of different governments and their cultures when issuing them with insightful opinions on law administration. When growing up in Toronto, his parents always made him read newspapers after school and this helped nurture his intellectual skills. As such, Choudhry had a passion for reading, and this landed him into the university where he studied law.

Choudhry was born in Delhi and his parents to Toronto, Canada, when he was still a child. Choudhry has researched several political and constitutional issues. These studies have helped governments across the world in the administration of law in their respective countries. For instance, Choudhry researched how to utilize constitutional design to help manage the transition from violence to a peaceful democracy establishment; hence establishing the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Apart from this research, he has also conducted studies in fields such as semi-presidentialism, official language policies, federalism, minority and group rights, and bill of rights among many others.

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During the interview, he admitted that even though he has traveled to many countries across the world offering lecturers on issues concerning law, most of his research is about Canada’s constitutional law, refer also to ( He has more than 100 working papers, articles, and reports under his name. At the moment, he is studying fields security and law reforms in the emerging democracies. He is also helping these nations write and implement their constitutions.

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