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Unveiling Rick Shinto – CEO of InnovaCare Health

CEOs have one of the trickiest jobs; everything about the company is pegged on their performance. When the company is performing well, they will receive a lot of praises. However, when things seem not to be working, they will get the lion’s share of the blame. At InnovaCare Health, CEO Rick Shinto and his CAO Penelope Kokkinides understand this situation too well. It is because of this understanding that they have put together a team of dedicated leaders who want nothing but the best for the company. This strategy seems to be paying off.


Who is Rick Shinto?


As the CEO of InnovaCare Health, Dr. Rick Shinto is known to change the way the company offers its services. He only took over after the acquisition of Aveta Inc. in 2012, but his style is already changing the company for the better. During his few years at the helm, he oversaw drastic changes that made the company earn more customers and increase profits. This is all attributable to the fact that he has a lot of experience in managing similar companies.


About his education, Rick Shinto studied at the State University of New York Graduating with a degree in Medicine. After that, he Joined Redlands University for further studies. His quest for knowledge also saw him join the University of California. During his early career days, he worked as a pulmonologist and an intern in a hospital in Southern California. It is through his illustrious career that he earned various awards such as the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the year award. When he is not busy at InnovaCare Health, he authors medical journals and books.

Who is Penelope Kokkinides?


The lady is the force behind efficient operations at InnovaCare Health. She has been in the industry for over 20 years, and therefore, she knows what the clients need. Having headed various projects across America, she was at Aveta Inc. during the time of its acquisition. Since coming on board in 2015, she has worked well with the CEO and other professionals. About her education, she was a student at the University of New York and the Columbia University School of Public Health.

About the company

InnovaCare Health is a company that has devised new solutions in the Medicare Advantage Plans industry. Operating from Puerto Rico, the company serves a lot of customers spread across the entire North American region. It is through the combined effort of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides that they achieved their greatest success.