The Business Model of Southridge Capital In and Out of the Office

Brian Harris of wrote an article detailing the recent activity of Southridge Capital. Specializing in financial advisement, Southridge boasts a client portfolio of over two-hundred and fifty publicly owned companies. Their advisement of these companies ranges from operational assessment based on the company’s services to controlling positive and negative monetary shifts to the company’s revenue figures. They also assist companies who are either in or looking to enter the process of the acquisition and or merger of two companies. Their strategy focuses on a detailed analysis of both company’s mission statement and aligning the business model accordingly going forward. Southridge Capital offers services relating to the restructuring of a company’s interior framework as well as companies struggling through or potential future bankruptcy proceedings. Their approach is to use sound litigation and a clear understanding of the law to minimize expense to their clientele.

Southridge Capital uses assorted financial techniques to implement their agenda. One in particular is Securitization, where the company compiles all debts accrued by the client company and redistributes them to third party investors. They also engage in Credit Enhancement in the effort of improving the credit profiles of their respective clients. Financing strategy is the third top-level technique implemented by Southridge. The aim is to create a platform that is specific to each company’s business model to raise capital, regardless of their current stock value within the market.

Southridge Capital is committed to efforts of giving back to society through a multitude of company-based and privately funded charitable donations. Chief Executive Officer Stephen Hicks launched an initiative entitled the Daystar Foundation. This effort is mainly financial assistance to several charitable organizations that he, along with his wife, strongly support within their local community. Southridge Capital has assisted in a wide-range of industries as well including scholarship funds, community centers, medical and or healthcare affiliates, religious entities, and other organizations relating to the betterment of the human society. The company believes that helping the less fortunate and giving back to the community as a whole is important in maintaining an image of integrity and compassion for a community that the employees at Southridge enjoy on a daily basis themselves. You can visit their Facebook and Twitter page.

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