Todd Lubar: CEO and Founder of the TDL Ventures

Todd Lubar is a United States-based serial entrepreneur and business entity. For over two decades of professional experience, Todd Lubar has founded and sold more than 11 startup companies. This proves that he is a man devoted to innovation and better business management as a way of working towards solving the problems people face in their daily lives. Todd Lubar also graduated from the University of Sycaruse with the highest honors in Speech Communication. After graduation, Todd Lubar went on to work at the Creator mortgage real Estate company as a realtor. For five years, Todd Lubar worked I the company as a prominent real estate agent. His contribution to the company helped it work and maintain most of their clients because of the innovative nature of Todd Lubar.

Todd Lubar did not understand that the education he attained in college would prove to be of great benefit in his real estate career. After working for the Crestar Mortgage Company, Todd Lubar realized that he would develop a new entity in the world of business. Todd Lubar went on and founded the TDL Ventures Real Estate Company that provides real estate solutions to their clients. Todd Lubar is now considered as a real estate guru when it comes to seeking mortgage solutions as well as epical management entities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry.

Todd talks about his achievements as a real estate agent as well as working for a finance and credit solution company for those who seek mortgage solutions in the industry. For over two decades, Todd Lubar’s biggest passion has been helping people to fulfill their biggest dreams and achievements in the real estate industry. According to him, the best way to help a person realize their dreams is to help them see what they need to achieve as it is part of their daily lives. This means that no one can come their way if they are determined to achieve anything in the real estate industry. Todd Lubar wanted to come up with an idea or program that would work for everyone regardless of their financial status to achieve their dreams. Check out his full profile on

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