Why Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s Hair Care Products are the “Raw Deal”

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the inventor of R.A.W. a series of natural skin and hair products made from biodegradable materials. He wanted to respond to the ongoing needs and demands from customers by extracting ingredients from seaweed, honey and fungi. His products range from Bulgarain coriander and Moroccan volcanic clay. He even made sure that the packaging is biodegradable, and the bottles are made from recycled plastic. He stated that he wanted the manufacturing of the products to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Despite the challenges he faces manufacturing the raw product, he refuses to compromise his naturalness. He spoke of a time he faced challenges getting access to source clay. Rather than using an artificial substitute, he delayed the launching the product until the clay was available.

Spreading Environmental Awareness through Social Media.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada uses Instagram to educate consumers about the need for environmentally safe and biodegradable products. He spreads awareness by producing fun videos that teach sustainable business practices through Youtube. He does this by giving stylists and hairdressers’ advice and methods on ways to minimize water and power, thus making their daily routines more sustainable. He uses social media as a platform to spread community awareness. On his Instagram account many of his customers also share customer service satisfaction stories.

The future marketing strategy of RAW.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada can proudly say that RAW has seen a successful growth factor in the United Stated. The product receives 90 percent customer satisfaction reviews within the US. Customers testify that after using the R.A.W their skin and hair felt like it never felt before. It gives them a clean refreshing feeling that they do not experience using other products. Daniel feels that it is now time to introduce his product to the European market. He predicts the same success ratio and customer satisfaction that his clients experienced in Europe.

Where is Dan Bethelmy-Rada today?

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada is currently the general manager for Matrix DMI. He is the youngest DMI General Manager for the company. Born in Venezuela he moved to Paris at 16 to attend school. He currently lives in New York. In his free time he enjoys traveling around the world and participating in leisure photo-journalism.

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